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(Founder) Scott built a great team and instilled them with the confidence to develop their own voice and skills that carried on even after Scott had moved on. He made the day to day fun and helped create a great culture that united engineering and support and spread across the company.

NICK S. – Dir. of Engineering

Scott’s ability to build and grow a team was a critical component to our overall success during the early stage startup phase.

In leading that team, he provisioned the infrastructure required for the company to scale and grow.

WES M. – Sr. BDR Manager

Our teams needed to work in a seamless matter, and of course that started with leadership. Always open to feedback and never hesitates to give the same. Humble goes a long way, and Scott brings that to work every day.

SCOTT C. – VP, Sales

I’ve found Scott to be an understanding and supportive supervisor who collaborates with and inspires his staff and consultants without needing to micromanage them. I can also vouch for his skills in relaying complex technical information to non-technical people

CLAIRE M. – Sales Enablement

He effectively turned around our team: improving customer loyalty, reducing escalations to zero, improved employee satisfaction, and drove significant operational efficiency improvements.

Scott is an independent, self-directed person who is a fearless leader and always ready to meet even the most demanding challenges. He is not only gifted in his uncanny ability to foresee growth opportunities, he is also very talented into bringing the best of others.

SHAK H. – Dir. of Support

He taught me so much about the wild world of customer success for technical products. He steered the helm of the fledgling customer success team and grew it into a finely tuned global support machine focused on proactive measures and reactive playbooks.

From him I learned the significance of empathy and verbal judo in any customer success strategy, the proper tactics to guide chaotic projects towards completion and how to stay calm in the face of calamity.
Jessi Julle, TAM, Onboarding Manager,
Pantheon, Splunk

JESSI J. – Technical Acct Mgr, Onboarding Manager